Back In The Day 

In 2012 we began importing vehicles. At first it was more of a hobby, fullfilling our interests in locating some of the desireable classic Land Rovers Series and Defenders. Really going after some of those iconic vehicles we had seen growing up on safari documentories. Toyota Land Cruiser’s and Land Rovers have always been the go to vehicle. When I moved abroad, to Europe the business really clicked into place. Being a local set into motion what has since developed into a full time business.

Little by little we worked our way through the learning curve of import logistics. We aquired the proper licensing, and then took a hands on approach delivering each vehicle to the port of export. Each time diligent in establishing personal business relationships to help expand the business . After establishing our network  we were able to streamline overseas exportation, and expedite the import upon arrival to the U.S port of entry.


Now years later I can confidently say we are experts in locating and importing vehicles direct to the buyer. Also finding those diamonds in the rough and rehabing them to the clients specification. Our vehicle custom build projects are right in line with industry standard. Having been a career project manager, I personally transferred that expertise into a turn key operation for the collector. We handle the import process from locating the vehicle overseas, all import logistics, to delivery to your driveway. We provide all legal importation documents and clear U.S. vehicle title. We understand managing clients expectations, and continued communication so that each buyer is kept apprised of their vehicles movement as it makes it’s way to U.S. territory. We have a physical operation in Europe and in the U.S. so all vehicles are shipped and received by a company representative.


We look at our industry not only as a business but as a lifestyle. Personally having owned several Land Cruisers and now a daily driver 110 Defender, we share the same passion as most of our clients. We personally inspect and handle every vehicle we import. Though we have a large network in the world of off road classics, every vehicle is tested and inspected before we purchase and export from over seas. Our goal is simple, to provide our clients with the vehicle of their desire with no hassel, at an affordable price. Foreign specialty imports command a higher value in todays market. We are out to provide that commodity to our clients at a reasonable price, and level that playing field, so it’s a fair opportunity for both the client and us as a company.

While not everyone gets to live the adventure, we’re here to get you started on your own.