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In 2012 Landy Customs began importing classic Land Rovers. At the onset we were just a hobby business which then due to positive interests from enthusiasts and collectors quickly became full-time. Initially we imported specifically UK Land Rovers and then shortly after began importing LHD Land Rovers, Land Cruisers, and Mercedes Gelandewagen. Today we remain within this niche only working with the vehicles in which we are knowledgeable.

Little by little we worked our way through the learning curve of import logistics. By navigating the UK and Europe for vehicles while each time delivering to the port of export we were diligent in establishing personal business relationships to help expand the business . Now years later I can confidently say we are experts in locating and importing vehicles direct to the buyer. Having been a career project manager, I personally transferred that expertise into a turn key operation for the collector.

That said it should also be stated that we are not only an import business but we also do full rehab and customizing. Inquire about ordering a vehicle to your specifications. We look at our industry not only as a business but as a lifestyle. Personally having owned several Land Cruisers and now a daily driver 110 Defender, we share the same passion as most of our clients. We personally inspect and handle every vehicle we import. Though we have a large network in the world of off road classics, every vehicle is tested and inspected before we purchase and export from overseas.